Private Dinner at "Mesa el Fuego"

$40 usd per person.

A professional chef will make a special dinner of heaven at the main dinning room. (incudes a cup of wine)

Relaxing Massage

$50 usd per person.

Leave all the stress and get a relaxing massage with a professional for 45 minutes.

4Wheeler Polaris

$30 usd per person.

3 seats on 2012 Polaris 4×4 to explore parts of the mountain that just a few foreigners know, take a break inside the mountain and sit in a typical Medellin “cantina” and why not? drink some shots of aguardiente.

Round Trip to Medellín and back

$250 usd per day

If you are planning to go to Medellin and come back and chill, we offer you a private driver who can gives you a ride down and take you back to the finca at the night. (6 seats)

Private Tours

$70 usd per person.

You can choose between Guatapé / Jardín / Santa Fé / Arvi Park / Commune 13.

Take a look at some traditional towns and emblematic places near Medellín, Colombia with a pirvate driver and guide.

Bilingual Translator

$20 usd per hour.

Private bilingual translator for all your needs or practice your spanish. 

Private Lunch and Dinner

$15 usd per person.

We got a full menu of typical Colombian food, or many other chef recomendations. (alcohol not included)

Private Dj

$300 usd per night. (4 hours)

DJ available on demand, if you are planning to have a party you can ask anticipated for this service. Price can change deppending on the dj. Price is just an stimate.

Private Bartender

$100 usd per night.

You are here to relax and enjoy so let the expert prepare the best cocktails for you and your friends.

Electric Bikes

$20 usd per person.

At premises are some electric bikes that you can rent to take a ride around.

All prices are in $USD and are variable deppending on time of the year.