Luxury Finca Rental – Ideal Day

John Brown dreamed of a luxurious city escape, so he made it a reality. Originally from Chicago in the United States, John has been living and working in Medellin for the last 5 years. He has spent a great deal of time traveling throughout South America, but says there is just something special about the mountains surrounding Medellin.

With the completion of the Medellin Tunnel, the finca is the perfect distance away from the city. After a peaceful morning filled with nature and fresh air, you can be in the trendy Poblado neighborhood in less than 30 minutes. The finca offers the best of both worlds. You are close to the city, while staying at a luxurious country house with spectacular views.

John’s dream is to provide a truly private, high-end experience that is both personalized and flexible. Our bilingual host stays quietly in the service area of the finca to assist with all requests in the house, as well as provide cooking, cleaning, and transportation. John hopes his guests take advantage of the proximity to Poblado, but knows that there is nothing like spending an afternoon in the jacuzzi overlooking the sunset in the mountains. We hope you love your stay at the finca and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Here is a typical 4-day stay at Finca Atalaya:

Day 1

3:00 pm – Your flight arrives from Miami and our host is waiting for you at the airport to help with your luggage. Your group of friends load into the Range Rover for a 10 minute drive to the finca. You arrive to our signature house cocktail and choose the menu for dinner.

5:00 pm – After taking in the stunning views, our host lights a fire and you relax in the jacuzzi with your friends. Drinks and appetizers are served while music plays over the surround-sound Sonos audio system.

7:00 pm – Dinner is served at our fire table. The rustic dining room table is made with tracks from the Bogota railway that are over 100 years old. John designed this custom table with a fireplace in the center, that lights up the room perfectly. You enjoy your 3 course meal along side Colombian cocktails, beer, and wine.

9:00 pm – Your friends gather together in the cozy living room, covered in blankets, to plan your adventures. The group discuses day tours, shopping, and restaurant options. Everyone agrees they have to rent the ATV for an afternoon.

10:00 pm – You all returns to your private suites, being offered extra blankets to adjust to the chilly mountain nights.

Day 2

8:00 am – You awake to the strong sun warming up the cold mountain air. A pot of the finest coffee in Colombia has been made, as well as a tradition Colombia breakfast, arepa con queso, huevos revueltos, pan de yuca, and a selection of local fruits.

10:00 am – Your group leaves for the day trip to Guatape, famous for its majestic lakes and colorful downtown. Your private driver arrives and everyone loads into the Ranger Rover to enjoy the twist and turns of Colombia’s mountainous roads.

1:00 pm – Lunch is at the famous Guatape Charlee over looking the crystal clear lakes of Guatape. You enjoy a Bandeja de Paisa for lunch one of the most traditional, and biggest, Colombia plates.

3:00 pm – Your group of friends wander throughout Guatape enjoying the many shops and offers of Colombian chocolate. After your pictures have been taken on Umbrella Street, you are ready to head back to the finca and enjoy the jacuzzi after so much walking.

8:00 pm – Everyone has showered and is ready for their 3 course dinner, served with cocktails and beer. The finca somehow feels even cozier after the busy day.

10:00 pm – Your friends move into the party room, with a fire pit in the center. The space is perfect for hookah and cocktails. Our host retires to their room, leaving the place to yourselves, with a refrigerator full of beer and wine.

Day 3

8:00 am – Coffee and breakfast is served for those who are awake, others sleep and enjoy the silence.

10:00 am – The Ranger Rover is loaded and your group heads 30 minutes into Medellin. You stop in Poblado for some sweet pastries and more delicious coffee.

11:00 am – Your private tour of Comuna 13 from a professional guide begins, walking you through an outdoor graffiti art gallery. On the way to the top of the breathtaking view of the city, you see street performers, try mango con sal y limon, and hear all types of music that makes you want to stop and dance. 

12:00 pm – You enjoy a michelada with fresh maracuya and take in all of the sights of this special neighborhood. 

2:00 pm – You travel to the other end of the city to take a ride on the Metro cable. This adventure goes above the neighborhoods of Medellin that stretch up into the mountains. Eventually you get off in Parque Arvi, a national nature reservation. Your friends decide to take the 2 hour horseback riding tour.

6:00 pm – You return to Poblado for dinner at one of the hundreds of incredible restaurants to choose from. After dinner, you walk around the popular neighborhood, observing the exciting nightlife.

9:00 pm – Your friends search for a traditional Salsa bar and decide to try out Social Club, popular among both locals and tourists. You spend the night learning Salsa and Bachata and drinking pitchers of Colombia’s most famous beers.

1:00 am – You and your friends are driven back to the finca in the Range Rover, only 30 minutes away and within the hour everyone is peacefully asleep.

Day 4

10:00 am – Everyone awakes to fresh coffee, a delicious breakfast, and plenty of water.

12:00 pm – The group leaves in the ATV, exploring the foothills of the Andes for a few hours. Your host has packed a picnic lunch to eat at your leisure during the adventure. 

3:00 pm – You return to the finca to enjoy the last of its incredible views. The jacuzzi is ready and the host has prepared cocktails while you were away.

6:00 pm – Your group is packed and ready to take one final trip in the Range Rover, back to the airport. You stop for an early dinner on the way in Rio Negro, famous for it’s high-end restaurants.

7:00 pm – Upon arriving at the gate, your host is sad to say goodbye but you promise you will return soon!

We hope the last 4 days were some of the best vacation days of your life.