Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get to Medellin?  The finca is close to the tunnel and you can get to Parque Lleras in about 20-25 minutes.  There is traffic in Medellin on rainy days and it can take longer.  It is only about 10 miles away.

Is there a Minimum Stay?  Yes. The minimum stay is 3 nights

Are children under 16 allowed?  Only if you rent the entire finca.

How is food and liquor arranged?  We always have Beer, Wine, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Scotch and mixers. If you would prefer finer wines or liquors, we will pick up for you.  We provide a very nice breakfast; but, if you have food allergies or would like specific foods, we will shop for you.

Is there cable in high speed internet?  Yes.  There are flat TVs and 150 MBPS internet in finca.

Are there restaurants/bars nearby?  Yes.  There are a couple of local bars nearby as well as a very good Mexican Restaurant called Malsantado.

Is transportation available?  Yes.  You can rent the Range Rover with full time driver for $200 per day, which is strongly recommended.  You always have a driver at your fingertips for trips to Guatape, Santa Fe, Antioquia, or Dinner/Party in Medellin.  Everyone loves partying in Medellin and in 25 minutes (due to the tunnel) you are in a different world sitting in the jacuzzi with a night cap.

Is there private service?  Yes.  Natalia lives at the finca and is there for service/snacks as well as making small meals. 

Can private dinners be arranged with chef?  Yes, we have a private chef that will come to the finca and cook for your group.  It is reasonable value, you can help pick your menu and food is amazing along with ambiance at The Fire Table.

What clothes do I bring?  In general, the weather in Medellin changes fast.  It can be very cool up at the finca in the evening.  We suggest to bring jeans, sweaters and a raincoat.  In the day, it can be shorts and t-shirt weather.

Are the linens and towels high quality?  Yes.  We have paid special attention to this.  All of the linens and towels were ordered from America and are very high quality.

How is the ATV used?  We supply the driver and go on trails nearby in the foothills of the Andes.  It is stunningly beautiful and ATV is a private trip only available staying at the finca.

Is the Range Rover and ATV available if you don’t rent the finca?  No.  It is exclusive for guests of the finca and is a private experience.

Is it best to rent the entire finca?  Yes.  You can be with your own group and it is a truly private experience.  It is also a significant discount.  Many people stay as a couple for the price is reasonable for American/European standards and have a great time.  The service is truly 5 star.  We pick you up in Range Rover from airport and take care of you your whole trip until we drop you off. 

Are you allowed to bring non-registered guests to the finca?  No.  LuxuryFincaRental.com is part of “Say No to Sex Tourism” and no unregistered guests will be allowed on the property.  The finca is primarily meant for couples. 

Are there other pets at the finca?  Yes.  We have a German Shepard named Lemmy.  He is a very safe and friendly dog.  Everyone seems to love him and he loves people.  If you don’t like dogs or are allergic, it can be arranged for him to be gone for your stay.

What are activities to do nearby?  Horse back riding, private electric bikes, Guatape, Santa Fe, Commune Trece, Parque Arvi, Medellin Modern Museum, Parque Lleras, Aczara Spa.

Is there Private Massage in the finca?  Yes.  We have a massage table and can arrange a private massage for someone to come to the finca.  It is perfect after a Jacuzzi in the morning. 

Is there a computer for use in the finca?  Yes.  We have a desktop computer and a printer to print boarding passes.


In summary

Our finca is meant to be a high end experience with special attention service and food.  Our guests generally love it and most of our bookings come from referrals.  We truly try to provide you and your group with he highest quality trip possible in Medellin.  This is why we offer a money-back guarantee.  Give us a try.  For couples, we think it is the best stay in Medellin for the Quality and Value.